HI Karl,

I ran the bike down in traffic and around my usual course. I now have it adjusted to cover down to the bottom of the pedal at it lowest point and I just look over the top. My speed increased overall (up and down the hills) between 10 and 15% with the same effort. The comfort level is 100% better for my legs and torso. I still need gloves and long sleeves for real cold, but the fairing works great. No rattles and no scraping the dips in the street. The top flexes a bit with the winds here and my speed, but no noise. I think I will put Loctite for plastic on the screws attaching the fairing to the braces as they have tended to loosen. Mostly, I think this is because I do not use gorilla hands to tighten them because I can see the stress with my polarized sun glasses around the attachment points. On the WW 3.6, the longer fairing would have been fine with the rotating mount feature. I do not have to move the fairing to step in front of the wheels and sit back into the bike, or to get out. I used clear liquid nail and a air spray paint can cap behind the seat to hold the bottom of my cane. A little adhesive moleskin at in the top loop of the seat frame protects the cane tube.

Overall, one of the best things I have gotten for the bike and I would recommend to everyone who wants more speed and/or comfort. Thank you so much for your help, consideration and products.

Dennis Brooks
USAF Rescue Retired.