We have made every effort to supply a high quality! The windscreens we make in our shop while mounts are made by a local machinist. All systems are pre-assembled for fit and smooth adjustability.

Your satisfaction is paramount in our opinion. We request a chance to answer any serious concerns when a system is marked down 15-20% or when a custom mount system is made by our machinist, or when a custom windscreen is made or a “Rush Order” is placed. Any or all of these conditions negate possibility of return!

At the very least we expect a custom mount to be attached to a vehicle, with windscreen, a test ride at the very lease. Stability or noise concerns can be addressed in light to moderate winds.

Returns must be approved by owner at 1-888-WINSCRN. If returning fairing please roll up in soft material (floral paper), no clear box tape to touch windscreen as it etches into plastic.

Restocking fees may be applied.

Finally, if you have purchased through a dealer, please contact him/her and they can contact us for your concerns.

Conversely, if you have had a good experience with your Zzipper, we would like to hear from you!

Thank you,

Karl F. Abbe, Owner/Designer