Tinted Xtreme Bodyskin on RANS V-2 with our
10.5" Flip Flop T-Bracket mounts.
Fairing is shorter than usual 45-46" top to bottom!
Photo courtesy Thaine Arnold
Our 10.5" T-Bracket mounts on
RANS straight or T bar.

Tinted Xtreme Bodyskin Fairing on a V2
with chopper bars and our 8" T-Bracket mounts.
A full 21" wide at the top tapering evenly to bottom!
Photo courtesy Pierre

Our 8" T-Bracket mounts on a
RANS chopper bar.
Fairing weight of 060" Lexan 1.5-1.6#
mounts weight about .75lbs.
RANS Status XP with our clear
Xtreme Bodyskin Fairing
and 8" T-Bracket mounts.
Photo courtesy Angle Tech cycles
Our clear Thriller Fairing with
12" T-Bracket mounts on a
RANS Zenetek.
Photo courtesy Angle Tech cycles
RANS Screamer with our
max width bubble fairing
for future body sock application
and Screamer Mount System
(Since been replaced by our
SWB mount system}.

PRO'S AND CON'S of smoke tint:

PRO'S : Reduced Sun glare, cool looking and doesn't show scratches over time quite as bas as clear.

CON'S: Less transparent so harder to see road obstructions at twilight time.

Smoke Tint comes in: '060 or '118 Lexan only.

Slight weight increase with '118 Bodyskin Fairing but very ridged and quiet!

All mount systems are adjustable, either to move fairing closer to hands in strong winds or to move out in warmer temps!