To: KarlAbbe, Zzip Designs
Sent: Wed, Sep 26, 2012 10:36 am

Subject: Super Sport Fairing


Had a great ride of about 35 miles this morning with my new Super Sport Fairing on the bike. It was great. Truly, it gives a significant boost in overall average speed. I enjoyed nearly a 10% boost in average speed over thecourse of the 35 miles. My typical long term average is about 13.4mph. Today.....14.7mph. On one downhill run on which my previous highest speed was 25mph, Ilooked down at my bike computer to see 27mph. Wow!

Ireally like the Super Sport for a number of reasons in addition to the improvement in speed. For one thing, the bike just looks great with the Super SportFairing. And, while I've heard that some fairings can be a bit noisy, the ride with this one is whisper quiet. The scallop along the top edgeallows my front light, with a small extension on the handlebar, to peak out justover the fairing. So, I don't need to add a light mount out front of the fairing.

The upsweep in the apparent breeze created by the Fairinghelps keep the bugs out of my face. It's a lot like having one of those bug deflectorsthat mount on thefront of cars. A very nice and unexpected benefit.

There'splenty of room behind the Fairing for my feet to pedal unimpeded. And, though it was blessedly cool this morning (that's a treat here inFlorida), the SuperSport kept the chill wind off my legs, and the flair at the top of the Fairinghelps protect my hands, as well.

Finally,I really appreciate the assistance from you and your staff helping me to get justthe right model and size Fairing for my bike and my personal preferences. Karl, you've got a great product, at a reasonable price, delivered cross country in pristine condition, in just 2 business days.

Thank you,

Terry (riding an Easy Racers Gold Rush named "Liberty")

Super Sport Fairing