"Karl, Thanks again for such a wonderful product! Here are my experiences using the '87 model MTB fairing:

Here is a testimonial of my impressions as shared with my fellow E-Bikers on endless sphere:

Well, all I can say is if this were the Myth Busters show on Discovery, and the question was "do upright bikes benefit from handlebar mounted fairings?" then this baby is ..........

CONFIRMED!!!!! sad smileys sad smileys sad smileys free smileys free smileys free smileys free smileys free smileys free smileys

I just had a nice little trip nearing the end of the day starting at about 4:15 PM, and I took my usual route to the bike shop, then to the hobby shop to get my loaner charger so I can send back my Hyperion to be warrantied, and I got to test the gamut!

First, I went along with traffic after leaving my house, got up to about 20 MPH before turning into a nearby housing development, then soon down my favorite hill, and a special treat!

There just happened to be a guy in a recumbent bike in the bike path, so I thought sweet! Lets see if I can catch up to him and maybe even pass him! (he was almost a full block ahead of me, but I imagine he doesn't go for broke down this hill, most cyclists are afraid to)

And then I noticed I had a light but noticeable headwind, so I thought, oh well, at least I can see what it will do under these conditions.

To my surprise, I went down the hill with something between a 5 - 10 MPH headwind according to weather underground (we have had a pretty sporadic yet dominant SE wind most of the day, calm much of he time) I still made it up to 37 MPH going down (normally in these conditions I would be lucky to get 33 MPH) kept the cars at bay behind me, AND passes the 'bent at the point where things start to flatten out, he was really kewl, gave me a big thumbs up! :mrgreen:

-- Dayn "

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