"Besides the bike itself, the Zzipper fairing is unquestionably the most advantageous piece of equipment I've used. It's 'the ticket' for commuting, casual rides, and long tours. Why? Besides obvious increases in high-speed performance, it actually helps propel the bike in tailwinds like a sail, and makes head and cross wind gusts easier to handle! (Yes, cross winds, especially the sudden blast from a passing big-rig, are visually indicated by the fairing's bubbly alignment in your vision, showing the bike's angular displacement and enabling you to correct properly!) From, a comfort standpoint, the fairing has actually altered my feeling about the bicycle riding experience, from high-expose fair-weather-only endurance to a protected, clean, dry semi-indoor shelter, adding again to the distance you can travel (and what you feel like afterward!) An aspect I bet you never thought of that I happily discovered is that it also benefits your riding companions who enjoy improved draft as well, making me a popular dude on these rides! By far, however, the most important advantage is safety…I'm constantly reminded of the shield factor every time I hear the "pop" of a june bug or the "tick" of a stone ricocheting off the shatterproof polycarbonate material instead of my face.  The mounting design is also safety-oriented by its' ability to give way without breaking in the event of a collision or a spill (learned that the hard way!).

Zzipper removes easily for transporting the bike, I never ride without it…it's been with me up to the highest pavement on some major mountains and trans-Sierran passes, including climbs from sea level to the summits of Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. Hamilton, Whitney Portal, Sherwin Grade, Deadman Pass,…etc.

Thanks again for providing such a well-engineered and complete fairing system for advanced vehicles."

Yours sincerely,

Dan Burdick