It's really a great product and has really made a difference in my riding.

The bike was a screamer before the fairing and now it's even faster. Saturday, I got into a little sprint on the flats between some long rolling hills with one of my friends who's a serious road cyclist and amateur racer - and at 35, 12 years younger than me.  We topped out at 35mph (no exaggeration) and he just could not get past me. I was in my middle chain ring and 3rd highest overall gear just spinning away.  He had to drop and I was able to go on up the next hill way ahead of him. I could not do that before the fairing.

I'm really pleased with the fairing and have gotten a lot of interest in it when I ride. Lots of serious road cyclists are taking an interest and having a hard time believing they can't keep up with me.

It's really a great product and has really made a difference in my riding. Noticed a definite speed increase - I can cruise about 4 to 5 mph faster than without it. I can cruise in the mid twenties pretty easily. It's light enough that it doesn't hurt on the steep hills and definitely helps on the gradual ones when I get over 10 to 12 mph, or into one of the nasty headwinds we get out here.  It handles really well in crosswinds, and I can even get some sail from it in a quartering crosswind! The mounts have been rock solid and it's really easy to mount and dismount. By the way, the cover is really a nice touch. I can't imagine keeping the fairing from getting scratched without it.

I can't recommend it enough.

David Stefan