Dear Karl:

I wanted you to know that the fairing I bought from you last April is excellent. Before I bought your fairing I was not sure if it would make any difference in my riding performance and comfort. But as soon as I received your fairing and installed it onto my bike I immediately realized it was worth every penny that I spent on it. Within my first few miles I noticed an immediate increase in my average speed by about five mph.

Here in northeast Ohio bike riding can be a little cold in the winter months to say the least. Not too many folks around here enjoy riding when it gets below about 35 degrees but with you Fairing on my bike I have been able to take the colder temps as low as 20 degrees. As long as there is no snow on the ground I am able to take the colder temperatures much more easily with your fairing. I personally am convinced that your fairing is the single best thing that I could have bought for my bike not to mention that it makes the bike look excellent.

I want to thank Karl, and everybody at Zzipper Road Fairing for making my cycling much more enjoyable. I am very glad that I bought my fairing from you's and look forward to lots of miles with my new super Zzipper Road Fairing. I wish Karl and everybody at Zzipper Road Fairings great success in the coming year.

Yours Truly;
Tony Martino