We finally got around to doing time trials down a nearby hill with and without the fairings. We started each run past a fixed marker at about 9 mph and then did not pedal or brake for a half mile to another fixed marker. The results below are the average of two runs with fairings and two runs without. No real surprises. Fairings are a few mph faster. The "average speed" listed is the average speed over the half mile course and the max speed is the speed at the half mile mark, i.e., the end of the run. The Bacchetta was always faster than the Slipstream, but that could be due to the greater weight of the Giro plus rider (me). Diane and I should have switched bikes for another run to prove that one. Thought you might be interested in the results. Let me know if you still want the elbow mount you sent to us for the Slipstream. The last modification of the slipstream fairing is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.........


  Bacchetta Giro (bike + rider = 218 lbs) Longbike Slipstream (bike + rider = 203 lbs)
Average speed with fairing 24.6 mph 23.8 mph
Max speed with fairing 37.1 mph 34.5 mph
Average speed without fairing 23.1 mph 22.0 mph
Max speed without fairing 33.9 mph 31.2 mph
Average speed increase 1.5 mph 1.8 mph
Max speed increase 3.2 mph 3.3 mph



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