Gregg Braxton Jim Bird Maximum width teardrop information sheet


21" wide (variable) tapering to 6" wide at foot
Top to bottom (32.5 to 33")

Weight: approximately 1.25 lb fairing with mounts 2 lb +/-

Available in clear or tinted lexan


Spring '04 - Jim Bird of Dade County Florida on his Burley Jett Creek says: "Stable at speeds in excess of 30 mph. It is quiet, no wind noises and protects extremely well in drenching rain. In cross winds there is no wobble or drift. My longest ride to date with the new windshield is 55 miles (not bad for a guy 67 years old)."

Summer '04 – Gregg Braxton of Chicago on his Burley Koosah says: "I've got a little Ferrari sitting in my living room. To sum it up, the fairing looks slick and makes the whole bike look better, the mounting system is highly adjustable and first rate, and it most definitely slices through the wind and makes the overall riding experience more enjoyable which will most likely lead to more time spent on the bike which will be great for keeping in shape. The only problem is that i now may need a 12 step program for "bent" addiction. I feel that it was a great investment and worth the money. Today i got a chance to ride about 10 miles. The weather here in Chicago was in the mid 40's and very windy with occasional strong gusts of wind. This is the kind of day that i would not enjoy riding a bike in. I did actually enjoy riding the burley koosah with the teardrop fairing despite the weather. The fairing was a huge help in fighting wind resistance. I could enjoy the ride because the fairing kept me warm and i did not have to concentrate on fighting the wind. I could actually enjoy the lakefront view. Even while experiencing strong crosswind gusts the bike remained very stable and did not get tossed about. What really felt good in a weird way was when the fairing actually performed like a sail. During a wind gust I could feel the bike accelerate on flat ground while I was coasting. This thing rocks!"

Gregg from chicago."