Thank you for making a wonderful product.

"It definitely has made it more enjoyable to ride. Rding in the rain is almost a non-event now. (We live in Western Washington where it rains a lot).

One little spoken advantage of the fairing is protection when you crash. My wife and I crashed over some railroad tracks in the rain doing well over 20 miles an hour. The fairing saved our butts. We were both injured a little bit but the fairing took the brunt of the impact. Amazingly enough, neither the bike nor the fairing were significantly damaged either.

Another advantage of the fairing is reducing the impact into the wind. I'm not sure if it helps as much as it seems, but perceptually, it makes a big difference. It doesn't feel like you are constantly have to push to get anywhere."

"Here's a picture of my wife and me - mile 80 of 200 - in the Seattle to Portland ride in July. Your fairings work great! Most of the ride we had a string of 5-10 upright, fairing-less riders drafting behind us. They even gave us the nickname "Bubble Buddies". Thank you for making a wonderful product."

Rick Gifford

Screamer Tandem