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I have a Stratus 2000 and use the Zzipper fairing. I find it to be lighter, very aerodynamic and easy to remove. The Mueller fairing is a bit more cumbersome due to it's design. I also think Zzipper fits the bike design better and looks esthetically nicer. There is almost no wind sailing from crosswinds. The mounts at the bars are fixed however the lower mounts are adjustable depending how you have adjusted your stem. It is a perfect fit, holes are predrilled. This is my 3rd Zzipper and you can't beat the quality and customer service, and experience from Karl. I love my Stratus and would not ride without the fairing. It is well worth the expense. Good luck & KEEP Riding!!

NOTE: Zzip Design did make the mounts for the Stratus and Nimbus prior to 1999 which were adjustable.

Marty Garnick
Englishtown, NJ