Experimental Fairings

Dome Bubble experimental fairing 21" diameter with 10.5" depth of blow and flange all around
Dome Bubble experimental fairing 19" diameter with 9" depth of blow and flange left on, depth of blow varies
High clarity – low distortion bubble's made of shatter resistant polycarbonate plastic. I use Lexan™ because it's the cleanest. there is some distortion at the flange level within an inch. Dome Bubbles are also available in 17".
Vision experimental kit 44" length, 21" at the bottom tapering to 17" wide and 1/3 of the WAY from the top width and 12.5" depth of blow with flange
tinted ANGLE TECH type fairing with side cutouts and flange cut ofF. finished with EDING.
you want to design your very own Bubble? A forming template can BE made to your specifications for $200. with A 2-3 week lead time you will receive at least 2 workable bubbles.
36" teardrop experimental kit , 8.5" depth of blow. depth of blow varies from 8.5 – 9.5. flange left on. 17.5" wide @ maximum point.
40" teardrop experimental fairing, 9" depth of blow and flange left on. 17" wide @ maximum point.
23x10x6 teardrop used for PERK & ELMER Camera on un-manned Plane going Mach 3.
Tinted experimental Bubble, large size 25.5x16x8.5, used on the no-emissions.com vehicles.
Tinted experimental Bubble, small size 16x12.5x5, used on same bike as above
Dome Bubble used for Space Suit. 12x7.5 tolerance .25"
Same fairing as above with helmet showing size.
Back to back teardrop experimental fairing, good for human power vehicles. teardrop 18" wide @ maximum point (middle), 3" radius @ 1 end and boat tail @ other end.
Maximum width experimental kit, used for EZR Bodyskin and Extreme Bodyskin fairings. 21" wide 44" long, depth of blow varies from 11.5 to 12.5
looking down from top of maximum width experimental fairing.


experimental fairing – side view

Longbikes SZ looking down from the top – available in either '060 or '080-'093 clear or tinted ('060 & '093) Lexan
Long bubble experimental fairing, used for the standard EZR-SZ. 20" wide straight taper, 44.5" long, depth of blow 11.5 variable.
Side view of long Bubble experimental fairing.
Trike flyer experimental fairing, used for Chopper and LC Flyer fairing. '080 thickness, depth of blow 12" varies, 21" wide in the center tapering to 19" wide to the foot and head.
Trike flyer fairing looking down from top of fairing.
Side view of our Super Milage Bubble – 18" wide at the top and 17" wide at the foot end.
View looking from top to bottom of our Super Milage fairing