Fairing's for Long WheelBase Bikes

Lonnie Morse on his Rotator with our EZR-SZ and 8" T-bracket mounts.
RANS Tailwind with our Tailwind SZ,
2" wider than the EZR SZ and a smaller wheel cutout.
RANS '03 V2 with our new extreme body skin fairing.
2" wider at the top than the standard EZR-SZ,
1" wider than the standard EZR body skin fairing, a little deeper at the foot end.
Home built recumbent with our Cruzer type fairing and home made mount system.
Linear recumbent with our Linear SZ (made out of '060 Lexan) and our Linear mount system
Longbikes Vanguard recumbent with stouter '080 Ryan SZ and mount system

Longbike Slipstream USS with our '060 Ryan type fairing and mount ,

This fairing was cut down 4" to help the rider with ingress and egress.

Photo courtesy of Bob& Diane Kropfli.
30" Teardrop on RANS Stratus

RANS Stratus with SSZ Fairing – Tinted.

Our 8" T-Brackets with our longer lower mounts