Fairings For Easy Racer & Sun Bikes

Tinted 30" Tear Drop Fairing – the 30" Tear Drop will work on all the Easy Racer & Sun bikes. It is available in either clear or tinted lexan™. Dimensions: 19" wide @ top tapering to 5" at the bottom. Weight: 1 lb, mounts .75lb. Very quiet fairing – shown EZ-1 Cruzier with 16" wheeleel
Golden Girl special fairing with ZZip mounts. The Golden Girl special was designed for the Golden Girls of Portland who found that the standard SZ was too large for them. This is a modified version of the standard SZ and will fit the entire Easy Racer and Sun bikes. Also available in clear or tinted lexan™. Dimensions: 40" long (4" shorter than the standard 44" SZ). Weight: fairing 1.4 lb, mounts 12 oz.. Golden Girl special can be make like the Bodyskin Fairing & gives it extra width @ the top. Shown on an EZ-1 Cruzier with 16" wheel.
Tinted original ZZ-OS Fairing on a EZ-1 Cruzier. The original style ZZ-OS Fairing will work on both rode bikes and all of Easy Racer bikes. Available in clear or tinted lexan™. Dimensions: approx. 20" top to bottom, 22.5" wide, 10-11" depth of blow. Weight: 10-13 oz, mounts 0.8 oz.
Tinted fairing is a EZR Bodyskin Fairing & the clear is the standard clear EZR SR. These fairings will fit all of Easy Racer bikes. The Bodyskin Fairing is 1" wider than the standard SZ ('060). It is also 1" deeper @ the foot level. Usually out of '080 lexan but when not used for lycra skins can be made of '060 (1lb lighter)
Maximum width Bodyskin fairing on a Sun Tandem, also works on all the EasyRacer bikes. Available in either '060 or '080 thickness. Weight is the same as our other standard SZ and Bodyskin.
Chopper fairing and swb mounts for the Sun EZ3 USS Trike.